Tennessee Association for Family and Community Education

Tennessee Association for Family and Community Education (TAFCE)
Tennessee Association for Family and Community Education

For more than 75 years, a network of friends in​ communities across the state has shared these common goals. to learn through shared experience, to improve home and community life, to strengthen adult education. to promote projects that enhance family and community life. Through our rich history, we have grown from small community clubs to a worldwide network focused on growth through education. You may recognize us by some of our earlier names: Home Demonstration Clubs and Extension Homemakers.

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Bylaws, Forms, Handbook and Board of Directors
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List of State projects
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Family and Community Leadership (FCL)
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Benefits of Joining TAFCE

To Learn

Ever wonder if the things you read are true? FCE provides research-based information through the University of Tennessee Extension. Experience learning with friends as you share what you know at hands-on workshops and meetings. The following topics are some examples:

  • Human Development
  • Nutrition and Food Safety
  • Money Management and Family Economics
  • Health and Safety

Find something you care about, then live your life to show it.

To Lead

Leadership development is the focus of FCE. Through shared opportunities, you can learn skills helpful in bringing growth to your community, church, local government, and family

Yes, leadership skills can be learned. FCE offers learning opportunities as officers, program leaders, and service stewards. Together we build better lives for individuals, families and communities. An example of leadership service is our long history of teaching 4-H youth.

To Grow & Share

Each year FCE provides the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of families in your community. With a nationwide network, each club can find a way to serve its community.

The focus of our national program includes improving literacy for children and adults, practicing environmental stewardship, promoting healthy lifestyles and role-modeling ethical values.

If you are interested in becoming an FCE club member, contact your county UT Extension office to find an active club near you.

Tennessee Association for Family and Community Education Brochure